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About Network Spinal

What is Network Spinal?

Network Spinal (NS) is an innovative chiropractic technique founded by a visionary healer, Dr. Donald Epstein, over 30 years ago. He began noticing certain common clinical findings time after time with all of his patients. This led to a system of analysis that looked at subtle but profound ways his patients were holding tension in their bodies. He looked closely at this tension and developed a protocol to help the patient release this tension. NS works with the body's innate ability to reorganize itself, thus releasing stored tension patterns that inhibit our optimal health and function.

How does Network Spinal work?

Network Spinal works by using very gentle and light touches (contacts) along the spine. These contacts cause the brain and nervous system to transform stuck energy patterns into breath, movement, self correction and self adjusting. When tension is released with the NS care technique, a large amount of energy becomes available to the patient. This once bound energy becomes the fuel to effect changes to the efficiency of our body systems resulting in a boost in our ability to evolve.


When a patient begins Network Spinal care there is no limit to the benefit that can be experienced over time. This means that although symptoms like back pain or neck pain might clear up relatively quickly, with the release of tension in these areas you can continue to experience a deeper resonance with the different parts of your body after the health condition you came in for clears up.

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How can Network Spinal help me?

In a retrospective study involving over 2,800 people, Network Spinal was shown to improve health 78% in five areas: physical, mental, emotional, psychological and making healthier choices. Optimizing your nervous system results in less pain, more energy, clearer thinking, increased flexibility, and more life enjoyment.

How can a light touch create so much difference?

The areas addressed on your spine, called spinal gateways, are very high in neurological sensors . The spinal gateways transmit messages directly to your higher brain center. This inhibits stress physiology, stimulates healing and  reorganization, and dismantles tension patterns from the inside out.


Why don't you crack me?

There are many chiropractic techniques practiced. We use NS because it addresses the underlying tension that’s causing the misaligned bones and distortion of your posture. There are times when a structural force is needed when the spine has dissipated most of its tension. This is not a common occurrence because your body’s wisdom learns how to adapt and self-regulate.

Why are there 4 tables in the adjustment room?

During an NS adjustment it takes time for your nervous system to respond, connect, and release. NS is a process that unfolds with each session. Your doctor works in an open room with other patients for this reason. Research and experience has shown that a group setting will amplify each persons response and enhance your healing and unwinding. Many couples and families are able to experience this powerful work together.


I've noticed other changes besides less pain and symptoms since starting NS care. I feel like I have less stress and I'm happier. Is this just a coincidence?

No, this is not just a coincidence. As your nervous system dissipates tension patterns your wellness increases. Unresolved tension can affect your health not only on a physical level, but mentally and emotionally as well. When energy is  liberated the body has more access to heal, create and enjoy life!

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