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"Dr. Annie is a true healer, taking the knowledge and skills of chiropractic to a higher level. If I don't feel well in any way, whether a cold, run down or allergies she is always my first stop."

Beyond always helping my back pain that flares up occasionally, the adjustments help me tap into my healing abilities and improve my overall health and well being."

Debbie C.

"I love Dr. Annie Jackman! I have been a patient of hers for many years. I am an intense athlete and I get really sore after a day of fun. I always feel more balanced and less sore from her adjustments. I feel great! She has a gift for healing and my whole family sees her. I highly recommend her."

Mark I.

"My family and I are so grateful to have Dr. Annie in our lives. My husband, myself and our three children have found Network Spinal to be an invaluable resource. It helps us manage stress, sports injuries, and most importantly, healthy maintenance for our bodies.

We feel noticeably better after leaving her office. My children feel physically better and are more centered in their behavior as well.

Thank you, Dr. Annie!"

Holly K.

"Feel so open and relaxed from Network Spinal. I've been in care for 5 years and without it I would have so much pain, muscle tension and exhaustion. It keeps my energy moving and makes me move, stretch and heal. Dr. Annie has changed my life!

Sharon E.

"When I'm on the table I feel like I can let go because I know I am supported by the Universe."

Po H.

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