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  • Dr. Annie Jackman

Reorganizational Healing – Start the Journey

Updated: May 9, 2019

Reorganizational Healing vs. Restorative Therapeutics

Working to restore a patient to the place that they were at before their health problem manifested will put them back into the same place that led them to the health problem. With the restorative type approach we haven’t addressed the tension patterns and lifestyle that led to the health problem.

With Reorganizational Healing we can change how the body resonates with each part of the spine and brain and bring it to a more efficient state. A state that is more organized than it was when the care began.

When you experience Network Spinal, you will be in the presence of other seekers on this planet who are looking for the whole human experience. People that are on the cutting edge of human potential and are taking action to move our healthcare forward. Healthcare providers who are trying to usher in a complete picture of the human body and to research and understand how to become more efficient and more effective as humans.

You want to find out who you are and what you are capable of. You are part of a team at work and want reach your greatest potential. You want to embark on a new path, be it a new job, school, or relationship and need to be connected to your best self. The reasons are as varied as the people on this planet.

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