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  • Dr. Annie Jackman

The Top 3 Reasons to Experience Network Spinal

Network Spinal looks differently at where to place a force into your spine. Linear thinking leads us to the area where it is sore and locked up. Where a joint or muscle might be experiencing dysfunction. Where a forceful adjustment would be required to overcome the body's natural inclination to lock up.

But quantum thinking leads us to the softer area where a small force might create an even greater change. A small amount of force introduced to a softer inviting area of your spine creating a greater change.

By freeing up bound energy in the body it can be used for change. And the most interesting thing is that you can use this energy to make better choices in your day to day life. And these choices in many cases are effortless. So stopping certain behaviors and starting other behaviors is at the root of staying healthy. And gaining the ability to do this is a major contributor to staying healthier longer.

Your relationship with yourself will improve. You will literally stop and smell the roses. As your breath increases everything else increases. Relationships with others will improve. You will start to resonate with the transformational nature of what being a human is all about. Often we change our perspectives slowly but Network Spinal can help us to change our perspectives faster. And increase the number of our perspectives. This will lead you to your manifest destiny quicker.

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